Walk-In Self-Service Dog Washing Services


Bathing your pup in your sink, bathtub, or shower is so yesterday (and messy!). Give your furry friend an incredible dog bath using professional pet cleaning products. Best of all, you can perform the bath yourself. This is a fantastic option for dogs that may feel some extra anxiety when handled by strangers. Self-serve dog washing is walk-in friendly and provides you with the opportunity to spend some quality time with your pup in a stress-free, ultra-clean environment. Oh, and your dog will be super refreshed and smell good, which is always a plus!


Professional grooming shampoo, Brushes for all different kind of pet fur/hair, high velocity dryer and towels available for use during your self-service bath.


$29.50 for all dogs


Available upon request

  • Specialty shampoos (medicated, de-shed), conditioner and de-matting treatment  – Starting at $8 (also sell individual bottles of specialty shampoo)


Need an extra service for your pup while they are at the dog wash?

  • Teeth cleaning – $9.00
  • Gland expression – $20.00
  • Nail trim or Nail file – $18.00 or $21.00 – Recommendation to call ahead to ensure a groomer is available to do the nail trimming.

Any services performed by a groomer will require proof of rabies vaccination including the expiration date of the vaccination (included on vet paperwork.)

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