Let our Pet Stylist work her magic on your dog and cat

All kinds of breeds and specialty cuts

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A pet spa service performed by our stylist who has over 16 years of experience with grooming all kinds of dog and cat breeds and specialty cuts. She is ready to style your pet as you desire and make your pet’s time as stress free and enjoyable as possible.


Bath, blow dry, brush out, hair/furcut, nail trim, ear and eye cleaning.


Starting at $50 for dogs and $65 for cats- grooming prices are based the type of look you want for your pet, the size of the pet, and any special conditions that require additional effort/time, which will all be discussed prior to services being performed.


  • Specialty shampoos and conditioners – $5.00


Need an extra service for your pet?

  • Teeth cleaning – $7.50
  • Gland expression – $10.00
  • Nail file (dog’s only) – $5.00 (additional to the nail trim included in the full service groom)
  • Flea bathing – starting at $25.00

Note: Proof of Rabies vaccination is buy Clomiphene (clomiphene citrate) required prior to any grooming service is performed.

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